Studay in UK

UK Universities

UK is a multi cultural country. It is known for its Quality Education, Academic Excellence & the best academic standards in the world. Universities offer courses of shorter duration, which reduces tuition & living costs. It caters wide range of courses e.g ACCA, CIMA, Bachelors, Masters, PHD etc. London is the capital and largest city of UK. NewCastle, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield are considered as Major Cities. Leicester, Bristol, Nottingham, Belfast, Southampton / Portsmouth are considered as large cities of UK.

UK, Australia and many other country’s University offers their courses at Singapore Campus. Students studying in Singapore campus do have an option of taking transfer to main campus on later stage of their studies. Singapore has world class impressive modern public transportation system. It offers highly convenient & frequent travel options to the travelers. Singapore food is also popular due to variety of Asian cuisines. It has a strong economy with stable government. It has low crime rate.

AIEC Affiliated UK Universities