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Nowadays Australia is considered as a third popular study destination among Indian students. In Australia, there are 43 universities, which comprises 40 Australian Universities, two international universities and one private University. There are Group of Eight Universities. It offers Higher Education, Vet Courses & many more courses. Australian Universities offer 2 to 3 intakes in a year. It offers wide range of courses such as Accounting, Business Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences,Teaching & many more. It offers highly innovative, practical and industry based learning. Canberra is a capital of Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth are the major cities of Australia. Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. Emu is the national bird of Australia. Opera House at Sydney is one of The Seven Wonders of world. 

New Zealand

In recent years, New Zealand has become a popular study destinations among South Asian students. New Zealand has British based Education System. It offers excellent quality of courses. It has internationally recognized World Class Institutions. University & Institute campuses are beautiful as Landscapes. It is one of the best place to study & become eligible for big roles in life. New Zealand has world class universities and Institutes known for their excellence in teaching. New Zealand Qualifications are world wide recognized. It has a cost benefit in terms of education and living compared to other countries. It offers the highest value for money and standard of living globally. Wellington is a capital of New Zealand. Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Hamilton are major cities of New Zealand. Crime rate is very low compared to other countries, which makes New Zealand – A Safe Study Destination.



Canada is nowadays considered among few of the top most Study destinations. It has best education system with a diverse multi cultural landscape. Globally Canadian qualifications are highly regarded.Multi cultural Society in Canada encourages friendly and peaceful living and studying. Canada is considered as one of the safest country in the world. Globally, it is listed as sixth peaceful country.It has very low crime rate thus international students feel safe and secured while studying in Canada. They run programs like “ Walk Safe” which ensures students safety in late hours. It offers best education at reasonable tuition fees compared to other English Speaking countries. Most of the Canadian Universities are among World Top Class Universities. September is the main intake in most of the courses, there are few courses which are offered in January and May. Canada offers indefinite opportunities in terms of education. Ottawa is a capital of Canada. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgury, Edmenton are considered as main cities of Canada. Canada is overall associated with snow and cold weather, however its climate is diverse. Springs are pleasant in Canada.


Singapore is considered as one of the emerging study destination among students for higher education. Singapore has been tourist destination, following to which high standard Hotel Management Institutes are established in Singapore. Students prefer to study Hotel Management Diploma, Bachelors & Masters in Singapore Institutes. UK, Australia and many other country’s University offers their courses at Singapore Campus. Students studying in Singapore campus do have an option of taking transfer to main campus on later stage of their studies. Singapore has world class impressive modern public transportation system. It offers highly convenient & frequent travel options to the travelers. Singapore food is also popular due to variety of Asian cuisines. It has a strong economy with stable government. It has low crime rate.


Malaysia is considered to be one of the upcoming international study destination offered at low fees and living cost. Most of the countries have opened their campuses in Malaysia. Swinburne University, Curtin University of Australia have their campuses in Malaysia. Students have an option to study in Malaysia at reasonable fees. These campuses are huge and vast with well equipped technical facilities. These campuses have their own accommodation arrangements for international students.


Dubai is new upcoming study destinations among students preferring to study abroad. Most of the country’s Universities have established their campuses in Dubai. Australia’s Wollongong University, Murdoch University have campuses in Dubai. UK Universities such as The British University, University of Birmingham, Middlesex University, Heriottwatt University etc. have their campuses in Dubai. Manipal University of India also has Dubai Campus. September is the main intake. Dubai consists of 20 % approximately of local population, rest of the residents are from all over the world. It is truly multi cultural country.


United Kingdom is considered as one of the finest education offering country. Most of the UK Universities are among the world’s few best universities. Yearly UK Institutes enrolls around 5, 00, 000 international students. UK is one of the leading study destinations for international students. UK is a multi cultural country. It is known for its Quality Education, Academic Excellence & the best academic standards in the world. Universities offer courses of shorter duration, which reduces tuition & living costs. It caters wide range of courses e.g ACCA, CIMA, Bachelors, Masters, PHD etc. London is the capital and largest city of UK. NewCastle, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield are considered as Major Cities. Leicester, Bristol, Nottingham, Belfast, Southampton / Portsmouth are considered as large cities of UK.


Poland is a part of Europe. Each country in Europe has its specific higher education system. They all are the part of European Higher Education Area ( EHEA ). The EHEA ensures Higher Education System across Europe is compatible. It offers variety of courses such as Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, PHD etc in Business, Engineering, Business Management, Architecture, Design, Animation etc. Tuition fees are comparatively low than other countries. September is a main intake followed by January / February in few institutes. University campuses are huge with latest equipment. Education is offered in English medium. Poland has been one of the best country to study who wants to acquire best value of course. It has become most upcoming destination due to his low fees and minimum living and food cost.

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